Halloween Cards

Dressing up in crazy costumes, eating buckets of candy and staying up late – it’s no wonder that Halloween party is one of the most popular holidays around the world. It’s also a great excuse to spend quality time with family and friends so why not kick off the fantastically frightening festivities with a personalized Halloween pictures from Design Wizard.    

Horribly Hilarious

It might be the scariest night of the year but also one of the most fun! Make the most of it with some well-placed humor. Take a twist on trendy slogans like – Don’t be a Basic Witch or a specially designed Halloween pictures for the Ghostess with the Mostest. Sign off with – Love, Bugs, and Hisses to really show you care.

Creep it real  

Halloween pictures are particularly terrifying so save them for those who appreciate all things dark and dreadful. Reach out (from beyond the grave) with a zombie hand that will send chills through even the bravest of souls.   

Or take your pick from any our pumpkin photos – the ultimate symbol of Halloween party. Design Wizard has creepy carved Halloween pumpkins pictures with unnerving smiles that can be customized and shared in seconds. If you would rather a gentler approach to your Halloween pictures, we also have a huge selection of unhacked pumpkins, plucked straight from the harvest.

You can also upload your own Halloween pictures for a truly personal touch, it’s so easy to just drag and drop your pictures into your workspace to design a fully customized Halloween pictures.  


If you are designing Halloween pictures for kids or for the more fainthearted, it might be safer to go for one of our illustrative versions. Even when the Halloween images are of coffins and creepy crawlies or monsters and mummies, our choice of bright colors and soft shapes takes the edge off the terror.

Whatever design jumps out at you, you can instantly resize it for different purposes. Start with a Halloween card and then resize to share on any of your social media sites.      

How to design a Halloween pictures in 4 simple steps

  1. Select your Halloween pictures from of over 15.000 ready-made templates.
  2. Select one of more than 1.200.000 images or upload your own image.
  3. Change the color and text to your own branded message using of over 103 fresh fonts.
  4. Share or download your own brand new Halloween pictures.

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