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How To Create eBook Covers For Kindle

Despite the old adage, the first thing we judge a book on is its cover. Bland Kindle book covers might house powerful, touching and hilarious stories, but if nobody is enticed to read them, all that time and effort and copious cups of coffee could amount to nothing.

Creating a compelling book cover is the last hurdle before literary success, Design Wizard makes it easy to create eye-catching ebook covers that will jump off the (electronic) shelf.

What should your Kindle book cover say?

Book cover trends have been heading towards a more minimalist approach for years but the explosion of the e-book market made this pared-back style a prerequisite rather than a design movement. Publishers have to keep their Kindle book covers simple in order to grab an audience’s attention with a minuscule thumbnail image.

Text Centric Design

Designing the perfect e-book cover is about striking the right balance. There is certain information that must be included, such as, the title and author’s name. Many e-books also add a sub-title but this will depend on the available space. Keep this in the ‘maybe’ pile until close to the end.

Focusing on the words is a pretty sensible tactic to take when creating a Kindle book cover. By dedicating the majority of the space to these essential elements you’ll be able to write the title and name in a large font size making it legible for even the most nimble-fingered of scrollers. Kindle book covers with words boldly emblazoned across them demand a second glance.

Use Color to Attract

Clever use of color is another effective way to make sure your Kindle book cover ends up at the check-out. Bringing bright color into text-centric e-books will work to strengthen the impact of the words. Bold shades against a block black or white will make the title and author’s name pop. Another option is to have vivid complementary or even contrasting colors for a youthful and contemporary Kindle book cover.  

Adding Illustrations

Most text-centric Kindle book covers incorporate some kind of illustration or graphic, whether that means a background pattern or a specific icon is a personal choice. The main function of a Kindle book cover, or indeed any book cover, is to somehow represent or sum up the story within. Pluck a significant element from the book that will translate into an effective image, for example, a weapon or a spray of blood would be perfect on a violent thriller just as hearts or hands would work well on a romance novel.

But really the possibilities are endless with Design Wizard. You have access to over 1 million images and graphics as well as the choice of using the ‘upload’ button which brings your own photographs into the picture.

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