80th Birthday Video

Make an amazing 80th birthday video

Give that special someone an 80th birthday they’ll treasure by making an 80th birthday video for them. These videos can be customised to look exactly how you want them to.

Put a smile on their face with your custom video

Most 80-year-olds are full of wisdom, that’s why they know a great birthday video when they see one! Make sure they get a wonderfully personalised design by adding your own images and text.

Share your 80th birthday video design on social media to celebrate. You can also send it through private message, via email, share it on your blog or post it on your website. Whether it’s your grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, sister or brother; they’ll be delighted with an 80th birthday video.

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Personalise your 80th birthday video

To add shapes to your 80th birthday video, click on ‘Shapes’ and the select from triangles, circles and rectangles in solid or outline form. Shapes can be used to create text boxes for CTAs, borders or patterns.

Upload your own images to the 80th birthday video by clicking on ‘Uploads’ and then dragging your chosen image into the uploads zone.

Add a custom font by selecting ‘Text’ and then ‘Upload Font’. Edit any of the text in the design by double-clicking on a text box. Then a menu will appear that allows you to change the font, size, type style, colour and alignment of the text.

How to create 80th Birthday videos in 5 simple steps

1. Select your 80th birthday template from over 2,000 ready-made video templates or choose from one of more than 10,000 professionally-created videos.

2. Edit the text and include your own personal message in over 100 fresh fonts.

3. Add your own image to the design or select an image from our extensive library.

4. Save your newly created design.

5. Share or download your own brand new 80th birthday video.

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