Chinese New Year Videos

Design an amazing Chinese New Year video

Begin the Chinese New Year in style by creating a personalised video. These Chinese New Year video templates are great for sharing on social media and creating custom invites, messages and promos.

Prepare for Chinese New Year in style

Get ready for the Chinese New Year with one of our striking Chinese New Year video templates. These video templates are fantastic examples of the wonderful style of the Chinese New Year. 2019 is the year of the pig, so many of the templates feature images of cute pigs in a variety of poses. However, these templates can be easily edited to suit whatever animal or year you want to base your Chinese New Year video design on.

Create impressive Chinese New Year videos to show to your friends, followers and family on social media, your blog or your website. Make sure to check out Design Wizard’s extensive library of images or upload your own. Adding images to the design can give it a personal touch. Edit the text too to include your own words. It’s quick and easy to do!

We have some amazing Chinese New Year image templates in our library too, but we also have Happy New Year video templates, New Year’s Eve invitations templates and New Year’s Eve cards templates.

Personalise your Chinese New video template

To add shapes to your design, click on ‘Shapes’ and choose from a selection of triangles, rectangles and circles in both solid and outline form. There’s an option to use lines to make text boxes, underline text or to create your own custom shapes.

The custom colour palette lets you to add your own unique shades of color to your design and gives you the ability to store it and use it again. This is ideal for ensuring that you are using the exact colour you want.

The composition grid makes sure that the text and images in your design will always be as straight and symmetrical as you want them to be. This grid can be found in the top-left corner of the workspace.

How to create stunning Chinese New Year videos in 5 simple steps

1. Select your Chinese New Year video template from over 2,000 ready-made video templates.

2. Choose one of more than 10,000 professionally-created videos.

3. Change the color and text of your own personal or branded message using over 100 fresh fonts.

4. Save your newly created design.

5. Share or download your own brand new Chinese New Year video

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