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Spellbind your friends and followers this winter with one of Design Wizard’s impressive winter post videos. Customize these videos in minutes and then post them on social media or share them on your website. Create a winter post video that’s the perfect fit for winter promotions and events.

Wow your followers with these magical winter post videos

The icy white aesthetic perfectly captures the aura of winter. It’s a season that can be cold and unforgiving, but equally as majestic. The designs reflect this, featuring breathtaking images of snow-covered landscapes. You can also add your own images to the templates to personalize your winter post video.

There are a range of different fonts to choose from, but you can upload your own custom font too. This allows you to include fonts that are exclusive to your brand or your blog.

Our winter post videos can be used on social media for a variety of purposes. For example, you could add an inspirational quote to them, place sale offers on them, talk about some of your upcoming content or raise awareness about an event.

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Customize your winter post in just a few minutes

If you want to add to the white background of your winter post video, you can easily do so. The custom color palette gives you the option to create your own custom shade of color. Slide the dropper along the palette until you’ve got your desired shade. After creating it, you can save the shade for using again at a later date.

Click on ‘shapes’ to access straight lines for underlining text, creating text boxes or making borders. You can also choose from circles, triangles and rectangles in either solid or outline form.

All it takes is a few seconds to customize the size, style and color of your font. You can align the text to the left, the right or place it in the center.

How to create beautiful Winter post videos in 5 simple steps

1. Select your Winter post template from over 2,000 ready-made video templates.

2. Choose one of more than 10,000 professionally-created videos.

3. Change the color and text of your own personal message using over 100 fresh fonts.

4. Save your newly created design.

5. Share or download your own brand new Winter post video.

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