2022 Holiday Gift Guide to Build Your Child’s Confidence

2022 Holiday Gift Guide to Build Your Child’s Confidence

 2022 holiday gift guide

This hand-picked gift guide is packed with empowering gifts AND exclusive discount codes to fuel your child’s imagination, help them discover unique skills, and learn new things. All coupon codes are exclusive to the Big Life Journal community!

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Important Notes:

  • All discount codes expire on December 31, 2022.
  • Discount codes are not valid with other active promos.

Big Life Journal for Kids (ages 7-10)

The Big Life Journal for Kids will help your child develop the mental strength and confidence they need to overcome any challenge! This guided, science-based journal will help your child improve their attitude and learn the power of their own mind.

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Sunny Present: Affirmation Cards for Kids (ages 5-10)

These meaningful decks of cards remind children (ages 5-10) how awesome they are! These powerful messages tap into the science of daily joy and positive affirmations to make long-term changes to how children think and feel.

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Big Life Journal for Tweens & Teens (ages 11+)


The Big Life Journal for Tweens & Teens is a guided journal that helps tweens and teens develop a resilient mindset and transform their negative self-talk into confidence. This journal is packed with guided and uplifting activities that will help your child learn about themselves and the importance of not giving up.

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Totem Game (ages 8+)

This positive, self-discovering game for ages 8+ builds connection and reinforces confidence by uncovering strengths and unique personality traits, leaving your child feeling uplifted and inspired.

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Kids Craft: LeadHER (ages 8+)

The LeadHER collection for ages 8+ consists of modern craft kits built around amazing trailblazing women. Each craft tells the story of a wise leader, providing the opportunity for girls to step into their power.

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Alltruists: Volunteer Project Kits (ages 6-12)

The best gift is the gift of giving! The activities (ages 6-12) inside the volunteer kits allow children to give back, help others, and play an important role in improving the world while promoting empathy, compassion, and connection.

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Big Life Journal: Daily Edition (ages 5-11)

Use the Big Life Journal Daily Edition (ages 5-11) for 5-minute daily practice to help your child focus on encouraging, self-loving thoughts and develop their emotional well-being.

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A Little Spot of Emotion Box Set (ages 5-9)

This wonderful collection of books for ages 5-9 teaches children about happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, love, confidence, and peacefulness in a fun-filled format.

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Little Passports: World Edition (ages 6-10)

Get ready for adventure and travel the world! This subscription box for ages 6-10 includes crafts, puzzles, stories, and hands-on activities that spark curiosity and connection while children explore a new country each month.

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Growth Mindset Conversation Cards (ages 4+)


This beautifully illustrated deck of cards for ages 4+ by Big Life Journal offers 52 interesting questions to help kids and grown-ups share thoughtful discussions about growth mindset, kindness, resilience, gratitude, and more.

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Green Kidscrafts: Art Lab Discovery Box (ages 5-10)

This craft box for ages 5-10 includes 6 different art projects that promote creative thinking through fun creations that enable children to feel successful and encouraged while exploring art as a form of hands-on expression.

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2023 Goal Setting Kit for Kids (ages 4-10)

A fun printable PDF kit for ages 4-10 is filled with worksheets and activities to help children develop a growth mindset, learn the important life skill of goal-setting, and practice self reflection. Great as a whole family activity!

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2023 Goal Setting Kit for Teens (ages 11+)

This printable PDF kit for ages 11+ offers self-reflection prompts and goal-setting exercises to empower your tween or teen reflect on their past year and set goals for 2023!

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Kids Crafts: InnovateHER (ages 7-11)

Awaken their entrepreneurial spirit through their love for crafts! From handmade tags, bracelets, hair accessories, and more, the kits inside the InnovateHER collection will get your child thinking like a boss! A great gift if you're looking to empower children and inspire them to work for their dreams.

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Big Life Journal (for older kids and adults)


Interested in gifting a meaningful gift to your older children, friends, and family (or even for yourself?) The Big Life Journal for Adults (ages 18-99) is a guided, science-based journal designed to help you manage your self-sabotaging inner voice, overcome your childhood programing, and create more peace and joy in your life. 

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Interested in gifting the Big Life Journal to your colleagues? Go HERE to see our corporate gifting program.

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